Is the artwork hand-signed by the artist?

Yes, James personally hand-signs every product that is available with the online shop. This includes limited edition, non-limited edition and original artworks. Additionally, a hand-written thank you message is complementary to each purchase. 

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Can I purchase James Cook's artwork anywhere else?

This website, is the official online shop for Typewriter Art created by Artist, James Cook. 

The website is operated directly by Typewriter Artist, James Cook.
James has previously worked with small galleries in the UK.

However, as of January 1st 2024, any claims by independent online galleries concerning their involvement with the sale of the artist's work are now out of date or innacurate.

Nevertheless, James has ambitions to work with galleries in the near future to exhibit and sell his work. 

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How will my print arrive when packaged?

Unless framed, all original artworks are protected by clear celophane packaging and a backing board. The artwork is wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and sealed with a James Cook Artwork logo-branded sticker. Accompanied with the artwork is a hand-typed thank you letter and certificate of authentication. The artwork is placed in an archival box and is then packaged in a cardboard box.

If the original artwork is purchased framed, the product will be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper, sealed with a sticker, and then protected in bubble wrap. The product will then be placed in a cardboard box. 

If the artwork is a limited edition or non-limited edition print and measures A3 size or larger, the artwork will be rolled in a postal tube and sealed with acid-free tissue paper. 

If the artwork is a limited edition or non-limited edition print and is A4 size or smaller, the artwork will be sealed with  a celophane bag and backing board, wrapped in acid-free tissue paper placed in a box.

All prints, limited and non limited include a hand-written thank you message from the artist. 

More specific details on packaging can be found individually with each listed product description on the website.

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What happens if my print arrives and has been damaged in the post? 

We will replace your print as soon as possible, free of charge. However, photographic evidence of damaged artwork must be emailed to [email protected] so that we can file a claim against the courier to recuperatethe businesses loss on the product. 

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Do you have any originals available? 

As of 1st January 2024, James is currently working on a new series of original drawings. The artist has sold out entirely of originals for the meantime. Please visit the Originals for Sale page on our website. You can submit your email address and be notified of when James releases his next batch of original drawings. 

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Why do UK customers pay tax on their purchase at checkout?

James Cook Artwork is a private limited company. Therefore, we are required to charge 20% VAT at Checkout to UK customers. This tax is added on at the Checkout because overseas customers are exempt from this taxation. 

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Does James allow visits to his London studio? 

Unfortunately, James is particularly busy with creating new artworks for the 2024 year. At this point in time, he does not permit studio visits. Please follow his Instagram account for future posts of events and open days for the studio. 

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Where can we visit to see Typewriter Art in person? 

James has an exhibition of his work with Chimei Museum in Tainan; Outside the Box, When Machine Meets Art until the end of February 2024. James is currently working on a new UK exhibition towards the end of 2024. More details will be posted on his website and socials in due course.

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Does James work on commercial projects? 

Yes, James has worked with many commercial clients. Disney, Universal Pictures, Apple TV and Foot Locker are to name a few from 2023. A portfolio of his recent work can be found here: 

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How do I contact James for a Commercial or Press Enquiry? 

The artist is self-represented. Please contact James directly via email [email protected] or telephone +44 7904 343692