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PRE ORDER Large Limited Edition of 49 Mona Lisa, A2 (59.4cm x 42cm) Hand-Signed


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This artwork is a limited run of 49 hand-signed prints. The Mona Lisa, typed on a large scale at A2 format (59.4cm x 42cm) The artwork is so expansive that artist James Cook meticulously assembled it on three separate sheets of paper to ensure smooth feeding through the machine.

The artwork is printed on a 160gsm acid free archival bond paper. This is the closest match to the paper that the artist has used to type the original artwork.

The artwork is predominantly comprised of letter 'M's, O's, N's A's and S's' ; pay close attention to the draped fabrics on the subject and you will notice this detail. The artwork was typed using a 1960's Olympia SG3 typewriter and took approximately 1 month to complete.

There are more than 75,000 individually-typed letters, numbers and punctuation marks. This limited edition run is printed on high quality matte 160gsm cartridge paper and is hand-signed by the artist.

This artwork will be mailed signed and with tracking information. All drawings are hand-packaged and will be accompanied with a personal hand written message from the artist himself.

Please note that this print is packaged in archival tissue paper and rolled in a heavy duty postal tube. This artwork does not include framing.

Tracking information is provided to the customer. We do not have a return policy unless the artwork has been damaged in transit, then a replacement artwork will be sent. International deliveries might be liable for additional taxes and are at the expense of the customer. We cannot accept cancellation after purchase.